#22:Managed Modules-CLR

Every Portable Executable File( produced After Compiling,is Managed Module(Executed by CLR).

Managed Module=IL Code+Metatdata.

Managed Module has the Following Information For CLR/OS.

1.PE32 or PE32+header: Indicates whether the Executable is 32 bit or 63bit. PE32 For 32bits and PE32+ For 64bit.

2.CLR Header:Contains CLR Version and other CLR related Information like MethodDefinition etc..

3.MetaData :MetaData acts like table which gives information about underlying data types ,method name,method parameters used in the program.

4.ILCode: CPU-Independent Machine Language Designed by Microsoft. They are common across CPU.

Note:Collection of Managed Module is called Assemblies.

A Insight Into Executable:

Executable Explorer

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