#Sql Basics -Triggers

Triggers :

A trigger is a special kind of stored procedures that automatically executes when an event occurs in database.You cannot invoke triggers explicitly.

Types of triggers :

1.Instead of Trigger

2.After Trigger(for Triggers)–Does not supports view.

Instead of Triggers :

As the name suggest,you take control over Insert/Update/Delete and you decide if you really want to Delete a table record that has to be deleted even though you give a delete statement over table.

create trigger trigeer_name on your_table 

instead of delete 


declare @id int;
select id=d.Id from deleted d;

/**your operation**/


After Trigger :

Events that has to occur after Insert/Update/Delete are termed as After Triggers.

Create trigger your_triggername on your_table;

for Insert;



select id=d.Id from inserted (inserted is a special table provided by sql)

/**your operation **/


How to get column values after/before  statement(Insert/Update/Delete) gets executed in triggers ?

Sql provides special tables for triggers namely inserted,deleted which will hold the records/column values,we can make use of this table in after/instead of triggers.


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