Getting Started with ASP.NET CORE 1

There has been significant changes in .NET after the RC of ASP.NET 5/CORE 1. In this article,i will introduce the project structure  of ASP.NET CORE Web Application.

Installation :  

1.ASP.NET Core 1 requires VS 2015 – Community and Free Edition

Getting Started :

When you create a new web application,the project structure looks like below.


The highlighted regions defines the behavior of application.I would be covering each of these in detail in the next article.

Purpose/Definition of Regions Highlighted:

global.json : Configuring the solution as a whole.Contains two section projects and sdk.

wwwroot : All the UI related Components(JS+HTML+CSS).

project.json :All the project dependencies and references to project are added here.

startup.cs : Application start up region where you resolve the dependencies and add services to project.



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