Inputs in Angular 2

Inputs helps pass the data dynamically to the component. There are situations where you pass data to component and in turn component would invoke the service and fetch the desired result.Inputs are ideally suitable for such situation.

Defining Inputs in Component :

  1. @Input  directive in the Component which is imported from angular2/core.
  2. Defining Inputs in Component MetaData.

Example  of Inputs with directive:

import {Component,Input} from 'angular2/core'



'template':"<span>{{Name}} </span>"


export class InputsampleComponent


@Input Name ;


Using  Input in Root/App Component :

<inputsample [Name ]="somename"> </inputsample>

#Bitcoins-Programming Bitcoins in C#-Resources.

I have started using Bitcoins and Block Chain technologies and with the .NET Stack had found the following libraries quite useful.

What is Bitcoins ?


They are nothing more than virtual currencies which are accepted worldwide.They use the Block Chain technology which holds the transaction in distributed servers.

Libraries in C# :

Bitcoin itself is in the initial phase of evolution,there are only few libraries and I am listing the one which was pretty useful for me,

Nicolas Dorier- BitCoin libraries:

BitCoin-Client   :

BitCoin-Server :

GeorgeKimionis-Bitcoin libraries:

They both are transaction oriented.