#Bitcoin C#:Creating Bitcoin address using NBitCoin

1.Get NBitcoin from Nuget package.

Bitcoin Address : 

It is payment address which either begins with 1 or 3 ,its more of a combination of secure private and public key hash that is generated using cryptographic algorithm.To end user,its simply an address which is useful for sending/receiving bitcoins.

Generating Bitcoin using NBitcoin :

 Key bitcoin = new Key();
 var bitcoinaddress=bitcoin.PubKey.GetAddress(Network.TestNet);

Its as simple as that, you create a key and decide which network to generate bitcoin address.There are two networks MainNet(Real world) and TestNet(Test Environment).


WebHook in .NET

What is WebHook ?

A webhook is a provider that helps you to get data from external system  as and whenit flows into the system.These are real time data that is exposed over HTTP as and when data flows into system.

Components in WebHook :

Receiver : This type of webhook pulls the data  from external system to your server.

Sender  : This type of webhook is responsible for exposing your data to external system.

WebHook with .NET :

.NET does support web hook and there are various type of web hook that is customized  according to business need.

Types of WebHook Libraries provided by .NET :

  1. GitHubWebHook.
  2. SlackWebHook.
  3. GenericWebHook (This is the one which you use at custom level,the webhook is not tied to any providers like github,stripe instead you can define/customize  to your needs)

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