#Etherum -Creating A Simle DApp with Truffle – Etherum – Web3 -Part 1

In this article we will create a sample D-App application over Etherum using Truffle Framework .

What we will build at the end of this article ?

We will build a simple contract with solidity that has 3 functions

a) IncreaseBalance



We would deploy the contract over  test Etherum network and communicate with the contract with Javascript via web3. We would make use of truffle framework to achieve the same.

 Installation/Set up :

What all you need to develop a D-App ?

Make sure you have node(npm) installed.

1.Get truffle via command line.

npm install truffle

2. Get Etherum test client to deploy our contract locally.This is more of a test newtork

npm install -g ethereumjs-testrpc

3. Get Web3 and truffle contract to communicate with our deployed contract with javascript.

npm install truffle-contract


We are all set to write our first contract with truffle and I would be using Visual code as an IDE to write  my contract. We will see in the next article to compile,migrate and deploy our contract to test etherum network.