#67: WCF Basics


WCF Services that are exposed to clients are through Endpoints.Endpoints forms the base while exposing service to clients.A Service can include one or more endpoints.

Endpoints Consists of three basic Components:

1.Address : Where is the service located ?

2.Binding: Protocol used to communicate with service (http,tcp etc..)

3.Contract:Contracts(Interface/Method definition) that has to be  exposed  to clients. Consumers/Clients uses this Contract to generate proxy.

#66:Service in WCF

A service is CLR type that exposes business functionality to Clients.In order to expose the Functionality as service,

1.The class/Interface  must be decorated by ServiceContractAttribute.

2.The Methods(functions inside class) exposed through Service must be decorated with OperationContractAttribute

[ServiceContract] //service contract
interface IHelloindigoService
[OperationContract] //method exposed via service with oepration contract annotaion
string HelloService();